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Tune ups & Maintenance Agreements

We recommend yearly tune ups on all heating and cooling equipment to ensure greater reliability, maintain energy efficiency and peace of mind knowing that your heating and cooling equipment is properly maintained. Don’t just take our word for it-- your equipment manufacturer, Puget Sound Energy and the Centers for Disease Control all recommend regular tune ups on our heating and cooling systems too!

Just like mechanics tuning your car for optimal efficiency, our technicians are trained to perform our Precision Tune Up on your heating and cooling equipment. This includes a comprehensive inspection and cleaning to ensure your system is running at peak performance. This is a very thorough detailed process so please plan on our technician being in your home for an hour and a half. We will also change your standard filter or clean your washable filter for free!!

We also offer a Premium Service Agreement, which provides tune ups and many other benefits. By signing up for the PSA, you receive:

  • Precision Tune Ups that we call you to schedule so you don’t have to remember when it’s time for your next one
  • 15% discount for any repairs
  • Reduced diagnostic fees
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service with no overtime charges—you’ll always pay the discounted PSA pricing even if we come out at midnight on Christmas Day
  • Priority status, as a PSA customer you are top priority should you ever have a equipment emergency

    Please call 360-366-9900 or 425-252-5002 or email us today to find out how you can start receiving the benefits of being a Premium Service Agreement customer.

    Don't forget to change or clean your filters! It's suggested to replace or clean them at least every 3 months!

  “Andgar provided an excellent product with great installation. I was very pleased that they followed through with everything they said they would do. They installed our original system, which was in the spec home that we bought. The service was fantastic. Even though Andgar was a couple of hundred dollars more, I purchased from them because of my previous experiences. Also, Erin, the sales person really made an impact on our decision. She had the greatest impact on our decision, based on her knowledge.”

--Ken B., Bellingham, WA