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Ductwork is a system of pipes that deliver the heat from your heating system to the various rooms in your house. One size does not fit all, and is very specific to the size of room, and distance from the furnace.

Ductwork should be size, installed, and insulated properly so that very little, if any, heated air escapes to the outside air before being delivered to your rooms. According to local studies, most homes experience about a 25% amount of air loss from improper installation or sealing.

Andgar is a qualified PCTS Dealer with Cascade Natural Gas and can perform a test to determine how much loss you have, as well as fix what's leaking.

The 3 Most Important Things to Understand About Residential Ductwork Designs are:

  • Furnaces and air conditioners require a certain amount of airflow, measured in CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute), to be passed through the equipment (supply and return ducts) in order for the equipment to function properly and efficiently.

  • All homes have unique requirements and construction that pose obstacles when designing the ductwork system to accommodate each room with proper airflow. (This is especially true with older homes.)

  • The Ideal Ductwork System achieves both goals by providing enough airflow to and from the heating/cooling equipment as well as the home.

    For maximum efficiency, this "ideal" system should also be sealed at all seams with mastic sealant, and should be properly insulated when exposed to unconditioned environments (i.e. crawl spaces and attics).


  "The furnace works like a top; I haven't had air circulate like this ever. Good job all around by the crew. I will recommend Andgar to anyone who needs any HVAC work done."

--Tim B., Blaine, WA on a complete duct and furnace replacement