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Air Duct Sealing

Are you heating your crawlspace without knowing it?

Improper sealing, and loosening of your ductwork leads to an estimated 25% of air loss in most heating and cooling systems!

Andgar Corporation is licensed to test and seal your ductwork, as well as perform a whole-home analysis on infiltration. By sealing your ductwork through the PCTS program, you may be qualified to earn a rebate through Cascade Natural Gas with the additional purchase of a furnace that is 90%+ or higher in efficiency.

  "Wow!!! What a superstar company Andgar is and continues to demonstrate being. The affordability factor at competitive rates, the education I received on AC units vs. heat pumps, the turn time, the fabulous customer service, the quality of kindness and professionalism the whole team demonstrated, the determination to perfect our system, and the heat pump itself. Absolutely worth each and every dollar spent and by such a high quality company."

--Danielle D., Mount Vernon, WA