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Geothermal Systems

Geothermal is one of the most efficient systems for heating and cooling your home available in the market, and is considered to be a renewable energy source.

Geothermal works by extracting energy from the ground or water, and then harnessing it to heat or cool your home. It is a reliable source of energy since the ground maintains a near constant temperature throughout the year, as do most wells, ponds, and lakes.

Similar to a heat pump, these systems also have a secondary source of heat to be used only when needed. They can be installed with radiant floor systems, gas or propane furnaces, or as an all-electric system with electric resistant heat.

How do you choose what is right for you and your home? We offer free in-home consultations to not only discover where the system can be installed, but to also understand your needs and size requirements.

  "Andgar would like to congratulate Dykstra Construction Services LLC on receiving the 2009 Excellence in Construction Award for Residential Construction from Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Andgar designed and installed the radiant floor heating system and the zoned air conditioning system as well as the architectural metal roofing for this custom home."