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Gas and propane fireplaces are a great way to heat a room, without having to heat the entire house. Not only do they provide heat, they also provide a feeling of comfort and coziness in the rooms you spend the most of your time.

Fireplaces are also an excellent way to heat your home in case of a power outage. There are several fireplaces we have available that do not require an electric blower fan in order to reach high efficiencies and high output of heat!

Did you know that just by adding an insert to your woodburning fireplace you are also helping to eliminate heat loss up your chimney? It helps protect against the drafty zero-clearance fireplaces (typical woodburning fireplace) by having the insert preventing the escape of already heated air! Ask your consultant more about how a fireplace can fit your needs!


  "I am a very satisfied customer. ANDGAR was one of three companies I contacted in August when I wanted to replace my 1971 Lennox gas furnace. From start to finish, my experience was outstanding."
-- Judith H., Bellingham, WA