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Metal Fabrication

  Andgar Corporation's metal design and fabrication department offers you many years of experience and the refusal to settle for anything less than excellent. Andgar can satisfy a broad range of metal working needs including all types of architectural metal requirements, from flat sheet construction to steel beam construction, from basic structural fabrication to intricate custom fabrication. This includes commercial and residential railings, stairs, canopies and countertops in a variety of metals including mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Andgar's high quality is a common factor.

Our team of experienced machine operators, technicians and supervisors are highly skilled in design, layout and fabrication. We are also equipped to install many of the railings, stairs and custom stainless steel work that we fabricate. The diverse combination of skills and talents ensures that any metal working challenge you give to Andgar will be met with ease, produced within budget and scheduling requirements and will reflect Andgar's high quality workmanship.

Andgar has worked with some of the most talented and skilled designers and engineers in the Pacific Northwest. On many projects, they have called upon Andgar's team of metal experts to solve uniquely difficult design and structural problems and to fabricate the final product. When a project demands high quality design and fabrication combined with trusted expertise and experience, people turn to Andgar.

Andgar's high quality work has earned many awards, but even more importantly, we have earned the praise and trust of designers, engineers and industrial clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.