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Architectural Metals

  General Contractors!
When it comes to architectural sheet metal, Andgar can make your work look great.

Andgar has spent many years providing quality roofing, wall panels and flashings for commercial and residential buildings throughout the Pacific Northwest. We have the most experienced professionals in the business and a proven track record of working with contractors to finish their architectural metal jobs on time.

Why choose Andgar?

  • Knowledgeable and experienced installers get it right the first time.  We know this business inside and out.
  • You have real choices of high quality products that match your budget.
    Our strength is the range of options available to you; from highly customized, ornate architectural metals to very simple designs.
  • Leak free installation you can count on.  Only professionals with years of experience can offer this guarantee.
  • No job too difficult - we love the challenge.  It doesn't matter whether your job is simple or complex, we'll gladly take it on.
  • Fabrication shop handles high output so the job is done on schedule.  Where quantity meets quality, our product is there when you need it.

Join the many contractors who have chosen Andgar to provide the highest quality metal roofing and flashing in the Pacific Northwest